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We at 3Sixty Fitness take pride in offering you the best equipment and services. We want you to have the best available, so you can acheive the best work out and empower yourself to be the best you.  We provide a personalized experience so there is no waiting in line for any equipment.



3Sixty Fitness offers you:

  • LifeFitness Elliptical

  • LifeFitness Recumbent Bicycle

  • Two LifeFitness Treadmills

Whether you are looking for a warm up, cool down, or training for a marathon, our cardio equipment will take you where you want to go in your training. We isolate our cardio equipment so that you can get into the zone without interruptions. 

Free Weights


3Sixty Fitness a offers full range of equipment.

  • Squat Racks

  • Smith Machines

  • Benches

  • Olympic Barbells

  • Dumbbells


Our equipment allows you to maximize your strength and muscle building.

Hydraulic Machines


3Sixty Fitness is the only private training facility that uses clinical/physical therapy grade hydraulic machines. Our Keiser Air Resistance machines offer fingertip resistance controls, as well as provide a smooth free motion. These machines are made for you to target muscles directly and be easy on the joints.


Designed for rehabilitation, but versatile for any work out.

Functional Fitness Area


In the multipurpose area, 3Sixty Fitness offers the following:

  • TRX

  • Medicine Balls/ Swiss Balls

  • Plush Workout Mats

  • Athletic equipment ( i.e. plyo boxes, speed ladder, slide board)

  • Cable Machines

  • Battle Ropes


This diverse space allows you to use your body to get a full work out. 

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